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Jackie Clark
Labor & Wage Consultant

Jackie Clark Is a Labor Law consultant with 30 years of government service with the State of Ohio Bureau of Wage and Hour Administration. She is now focusing on guiding employers and organizations through the complicated maze of State Wage and Hour Laws to resolve complex issues. A former State of Ohio Wage and Hour Bureau Investigator Supervisor. Clark has conducted thousands of investigations independent of employers in areas of Ohio’s Minor Labor, Minimum Wage and Prevailing Wage law enforcement. In addition, as the Investigator’s Supervisor she used her expert knowledge in State Laws to review hundreds of cases completed by the investigators. Her expertise, knowledge, skill and professionalism in representing the agency at educational outreach seminars and speaking opportunities is recognized by business and the public communities as a leading expert with regard to labor regulations in Ohio. She has reached out and established countless partnerships between state and federal agencies, business communities, universities and private organization to maximize compliance with Wage and Hour laws.  



Nationally Certified Investigator

Through KY University NCI Program


Standardized through expertise and knowledge State of Ohio forms to be used by the agency


Created the State of Ohio Investigator Training Manuals and did training for Ohio Investigators, Public Authorities, Business, Attorneys & Organizations


Researched labor laws which included proposed legislation and report writing


Managed the case load and State of Ohio Wage and Hour Investigators


Overhauled the investigating process utilized by the State of Ohio Wage and Hour Bureau


Reviewed new regulations for interpretation and enforcement for the Bureau


Vice President Ohio Investigator Association


Received Innovation Award from Governor George Voinovich


Recognized by Governor Kasich for tremendous service to Ohio



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