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Is your company READY for the ramifications of the overtime changes?

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Minimum Wage, Overtime, Minor Labor Law, and Record Keeping Requirements

The U.S. Department of Labor is reviewing regulations and opinion letters related to the enforcement of regulations under FLSA, Family Medical Leave and other areas of the wage and hour laws.

Contact us to discuss the changes and implementation solutions that will create a smooth transition

The FLSA are regulations that employers MUST comply with in relation to wages, hours, and employment practices concerning payment of hours worked by the employees.


Minimum wage (Federal and State)

Overtime eligible and Exemptions

Youth Labor/Child Labor- when can an employer hire a minor

Record Keeping- Federal and State requirements on mandatory records

When an employee is NOT an independent contractor or 1099

Compliance with all the FLSA requirements

Up coming changes  within Regulations 541

​           Are you ready for the changes?






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